For the Premium subscription as well as the Free Trial, Innovo Invoice allows you to capture line items. Simply do so by clicking the checkbox in the dashboard (marked below in red) before dragging and dropping an invoice in the portal.

TIP: Make sure you provide a good quality image or a digitally created PDF. Note that quality is important for our algorithm to extract the invoice line item data.

What are line items? 

In an invoice, line items represent a product or service that have been included together with other relevant data such as quantity, rates, vendor name, prices, etc.

If your company has invoices with a lot of line items, then it will be time-consuming to manually key the data into an ERP system or accounting software.

Innovo Invoice allows you to extract all line item data from an invoice seamlessly. Accounts Payable staff can choose to verify the information after it has been extracted, they can do so quickly and then re-allocate their available time to other tasks.

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