1. How do you integrate Innovo invoice with Xero?

Integration to Xero can be done easily from the Innovo Invoice web application. Please refer to the article Integrating Innovo Invoice with Xero for a step-by-step description of how to carry out the integration.

2) What are the configuration steps that have to be done in order to facilitate to access and use the data in Xero within Innovo Invoice (e.g. Accounts, Suppliers, etc)?

Once the integration is done, there are a few simple steps to configure the data for usage within Innovo Invoice. Please refer to the article Configuring Xero Integration for Innovo Invoice for a step-by-step description.

3) How do you disconnect from your Innovo Invoice account from Xero?

To disconnect from Xero, in the Innovo Invoice web application under the Settings section in the General Setting tab, click on the Disconnect from Xero button.

4) Why integrate with Xero? 

i) Integrating to Xero will allow the automatic syncing of data like Accounts and Suppliers.

ii) Most importantly, it will allow for the seamless uploading of invoice and expense data into Xero without any manual intervention.

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