iCHEF and Innovo42 have partnered up to enable the seamless and automated booking of daily sales revenue from your iCHEF point of sales system into your Xero accounting system without any manual effort.

To get started, contact your iCHEF representative to register your interest. Shortly after, you will receive and email containing an integration link via which you'll be required to do a one-time setup to enable the automated booking for your sales revenue.

Clicking on the Integrate iCHEF with Xero link will bring you to the iCHEF Integration page.

Your unique Store ID will already be pre-populated and you will have to click on the iCHEF logo to initiate the integration process.

Setup Steps

Clicking on the iCHEF logo will reveal the integration options. The following are the integration options that you will need to set up:

1. Tax Relevant: If your company is a GST-registered company in Singapore, click on the checkbox. This will reveal a Tax Code dropdown for you to select the relevant tax code. If you have not setup any custom tax codes, the relevant tax code to choose will be Standard-Rated Supplies.

2. Booking Date: This is date as per when the automated booking of the sales revenue should begin. It's recommended to select the day of the configuration as the booking date.

3. Active: Click on the Active checkbox to set the integration as active (you can log in here in the future to temporarily deactivate the bookings).

4. Account Settings: To assign sales revenues to the correct accounts in Xero, the Category, Sub-Category, Payment Account and Revenue Account need to be set up.

The blue icons will help default the category and sub-category values as follows:

Visa, Master Card, American Express, JCB and UP are values for sales revenues received via the different credit cards.

Cash is selected for  cash sales.

Custom is the category where you can assign new sources of sales revenue like sales from a new food delivery service (e.g. FoodPanda or Deliveroo). A custom description can be added to the sub-category.

The general category is meant as a catch-all rule to catch anything that's not been set up. If in future you have a new channel of sales like a food delivery service (e.g. FoodPanda or Deliveroo) and forget to set it up within this portal, we would book the amount for this sales into the account assigned to the general category.

The corresponding Payment Account and Revenue Account have to be set up for each mode of sales revenue. After that, clicking on the save button will save the entry which will be visible in a list at end of the page.

Once you have filled in the information, the automated booking of sales revenue into Xero will begin on the booking date you specified.  

All bookings will be done at 5am for the previous days sales revenue.

Deleting an Entry

To delete any previously set entries, click on the X link at the end of the entry you want to delete.

Logging in to make changes

To log in to make changes to the integration data, click on this link and enter your unique Store ID and click on the iCHEF icon.

This will bring you to the integration page where you can make your changes.

If you'd like to know more, or have any further queries, please feel free contact us at [email protected]. 👋🏻

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