The "submit invoice" endpoint of Innovo Invoice API allows users to extract required data from Invoices.

API Request (POST)

&file_name = [file_name]

&file_type = [file_type]

&line_items = [True or False]

api_key = [api_key]

image : [binary]


  1. api_key - string - required - API key to access Innovo API


  1. file_name - string - required (Eg: Xyz.pdf)
  2. file_type - string - required (application/pdf or image/jpeg)
  3. line_items - boolean - Not required (Default value: False) 


- binary  - required - Image file of the receipt
Supported file format: jpg / jpeg, bmp, png, tiff

API Response

A randomly generated key is returned upon successful API execution

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