Errors that occur in Innovo Invoice are visible in the overview section under the Pending Errors filter.

There are generally two types of errors that can happen when processing invoices.

1. Rejection: this error occurs when an invoice is newly sent in and is being processed. The reason for the rejection could be that the image quality of the invoice was too low or the image sent in was not of an invoice.                                                                    

To process an invoice that has been rejected, please resubmit it, preferably with improved image quality.

2. Booking Error: this error occurs when invoices are booked to the downstream accounting systems they are integrated with like Xero or QuickBooks. These are errors triggered by the downstream systems and can be a result of currency mismatch or other rule sets present in the accounting systems. 

The invoices with these errors have a Pending Verification status. The errors can be corrected and the invoice resubmitted for booking by clicking on the Book button.

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