Innovo Invoice will process an uploaded invoice and extract all the relevant data to the highest precision. The extracted data is made available for your verification before booking it into your accounting or ERP system.

In the overview section of the application, under the Verification filter all invoice pending verification will be displayed.

Drilling into any of these invoices will give you more details about the invoice and also the option to Edit Transaction.

When you click on Edit transaction, it will bring you to the verification page where you'll see all the fields that have been extracted and an image of the original invoice in order to carry out the verification easily. 

If any changes are required, they can be easily done by updating the relevant field. To save any changes, click on the Update button on the screen.

Once verification is done, click on the Book button to book the invoice into the downstream system that you are integrated with. The booked invoice will now no longer appear under the Verification filter but will be moved to the Booked this Week filter.

Should you wish to delete the invoice, click on the Delete button, and this will set the invoice status as Deleted and remove it from the list of invoices awaiting verification.

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