Invoices go through a set of statuses from the time you upload them till they are booked into your company's accounting or ERP system. In this article, we cover all the different statuses you might come across – and what they mean.

New: a transitory status when you have just uploaded an invoice. Invoices in this status are being processed by Innovo Invoice. Invoices can be typically processed between 10 minutes to 2 hours.

Invoices of this status can be viewed in the Overview section under the Processing filter.

Pending Verification: after an invoice has been processed, the status of the invoice will move from New to Pending Verification. At this stage, all the relevant data from the invoice has been extracted and is available for your verification.

More details about invoice verification can be found in the article Verifying Invoices.

Posted: invoices that have been booked into back-end systems will have the Posted status. Invoices that have been posted can be selected and viewed in the Reporting section.

Deleted: if during an invoice verification you decide to delete it by clicking on the delete button, then the invoice will take on the status deleted and will only be visible in the Reporting Section.

Rejected: invoices that have been rejected after being processed will have the rejected status. Invoices can be rejected for several reasons like image uploaded is not an invoice, image uploaded is of a very poor quality, invoice uploaded is not complete. Rejected invoices can be found in the Overview section under the Errors filter.

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