The Innovo Invoice web application is a comprehensive console where you can upload and process invoices, have an overview of invoice statuses, maintain accounting settings, manage integrations, view reports, and carry out account management activities.

The following are the menu items through which you can access the available functions: 


When you log into Innovo Invoice you'll be brought to the dashboard. 

The dashboard consists of four sections:

1. Invoice status overview: the top left quadrant of the dashboard shows an overview of uploaded invoices and their statuses.

2. Recent invoices: in the bottom left quadrant is the log of the most recently uploaded invoices.

3. Invoice drag and drop: you can upload invoices by dragging and dropping files into the top right hand quadrant of the dashboard.

4. Activities: the bottom left corner is where you can download files and check information relating to the application.


Clicking on the overview tab will bring you to the invoice transaction overview.  

In the overview section, there are four filters available containing the four statues of invoices namely Processing, Verification, Recently Booked, and Pending Errors

Clicking on one of this filters will display the invoices in the corresponding status and allow you to drill in and either edit and/or view the details of the invoices. 

However, the user will not be able to manage the invoices displayed under the processing status. 


In the Settings section, there are three tabs such as General Settings, API Setup, and Accounting Setup that allow you to configure and integrate your Innovo Invoice subscription. 

If you are connecting to MYOB, then there will be a 4th tab called Import MYOB Data, which helps you upload the configuration data into Innovo Invoice.

For a more comprehensive description of the different configuration and integration options available, please refer to the following articles:

  1. Configuring Xero Integration for Innovo Invoice
  2. Configuring MYOB Integration for Innovo Invoice
  3. Configuring Accounting or ERP system integration for Innovo Invoice
  4. Setting up Innovo Invoice for standalone usage


The reporting functionality allows you to easily search for all the invoices uploaded onto the Innovo Invoice platform.


The Account section gives you access to manage your Innovo Invoice subscription. 

There are three sections that provide various options to manage the subscription:

1. Overview: this provides information on the subscription status. You can use the upgrade to select your required subscription plan. The cancel button is available if you wish to cancel the subscription.

2. Account Details: here you can manage the details of the company profile.

3. Change Password: this section allows you to change your password.

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