Innovo Xpense is an expense management tool that digitises and streamlines your organisation's expense claims process. 

Here is a quick overview of the application, its functions and the various roles of users and administrators.

Innovo Xpense is made up of three applications, namely the Admin Console, the User Console and the Mobile App.

Admin Console 

The administration console is a one-stop location for all administrative tasks. From providing an overview of activities to user and account management functions and reporting capabilities, the admin console is where administrators can manage their subscription of Innovo Xpense. 

For more details, the Admin Console Overview article provides a good summary of the functionalities available via the admin console.

Administrators can also be users of Innovo Xpense, but they have to explicitly add themselves as a user when they carry out user management. 

User Console

The User Console provides users with an overview of activities and tasks, information about their accounts, functions to review and approve transactions, and reporting capabilities. 

For more details on the user console, you can refer to the article User Console Overview.

Mobile Application

The mobile app gives users the ability to capture and submit expense claims on the go. Via the mobile app, managers can also approve expenses and users can monitor the status of their claims wherever they are. 

For more details on the mobile application, you can refer to the article Innovo Xpense Mobile Application.

Administrators and Users

After deciding to use Innovo Xpense, the role of setting up Innovo Xpense will be the responsibility of the Administrator. 

By setting up users, linking the relevant accounts, setting up integrations to the company's accounting systems and setting up approval hierarchies, the administrator has full control of the usage of the Innovo Xpense subscription. 

For more details on the setup options available to administrators, you can refer to the Logging into Innovo Xpense for the first time (Admin) article.

Depending on the access rights given by the administrator, users may have different functionalities available to them. Primarily, users will be able to capture expenses, view previous claims and review submitted claims. 

Managers will also have the ability to approve claims. 

To delve further into the functionalities available to users, please refer to the collection of articles entitled Using Innovo Xpense

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