Expense claims in Innovo Xpense go through a set of statuses from the time you capture a claim till they are booked into your company's accounting system. In this article, we cover all the different statuses you might come across - and what they mean.

New: A transitory status when you freshly capture an expense claim. This is a status that you'll rarely see as transactions tend to be in this status for a very short duration.

Pending Processing: Claims in this status are currently being analysed and processed by Innovo Xpense. 

Pending Approval: These are claims that are currently awaiting your manager's approval.

Pending Review: Receipts that are forwarded via email to [email protected] and expenses captured as draft will have this status. They will remain in this status until you have updated them with the required information and then confirmed or canceled them.

Cancelled: Claims that are cancelled by you will have the cancelled status.

Rejected: Claims that are sent to managers and are then subsequently rejected by managers will have this status.

Approved: Claims that are sent to managers and are subsequently approved by managers will have this status.

Paid: Claims for which you have been compensated.


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