Welcome and thank you for signing up to Innovo Xpense! 

In this article, we will dive into Innovo Xpense and get the required setup done in a few easy steps.

Once you complete the signup process, you will receive am e-mail providing you with your user name and password. 

Simply click on the Activate Your Account link found in the mail.

Clicking on the link will open up the account activation page. Here you'll have to reset your password to activate your account. 

Once you have inputted the relevant fields, click on the Activate Account button.

This will bring you to the Admin Console.

To gain a better understanding of the functionalities available in the Admin Console, you may refer to the Admin Console Overview document.

When you log in for the first time and/or before you complete the setup to get your subscription of Innovo Xpense up and running, on the right of the Admin Console Dashboard you'll see the Setup Wizard to guide you through the setup process.

In order to facilitate the setup process, it's highly recommended that you use the wizard and progress from connecting to the accounting system to adding users and then to linking accounts. 

Connect to Accounting System

Clicking on the the Connect to Accounting System link will bring you to the Account page and the integration tab. Here you can select the integration you would like to opt for. You can choose the following options: No Integration, QuickBooks, Xero or MYOB

For more details on the choices and the relevant setup, the following articles will be useful:

Connecting to Quickbooks
Connecting to Xero
Connecting to MYOB

Setting up Innovo Xpense for Standalone Usage

Once you have chosen your integration option and completed the required setup, navigate back to the dashboard by clicking on the dashboard item in the Admin Console menu.

This will bring you back to the Dashboard, where you will notice that the Connect to Accounting System wizard item will have a green tick against it, indicating that the setup for that item is complete.

Add Xpense User

The next step is to set up the users that will have access to Innovo Xpense. Clicking on the Add Xpense User wizard item will bring you to the Manage Users Page. 

There are two ways to create users. 

One is by manually inputting them for which the document Manually Adding a New User will provide full details of what the different possibilities are. 

The other option is to import users directly from QuickBooks or Xero if you have integrated to either of these accounting apps.

For details on how to import users directly, you can refer to Importing New Users from QuickBooks or Xero.

You can always import some users directly while others can be manually entered.

After the users have been imported or manually entered, you can then proceed to assign the relevant access rights to the users. 

For the various steps to assign access and the various access right options available, please also refer to the Defining User Access Rights article. 

If you require to build up an approval hierarchy for your users, please check out the Setting Up and Managing Approval Hierarchies article.

Once you have completed the User Setup, going back to the admin dashboard, you will see that in the wizard, the Add Xpense User item will have a green tick next to it to indicate that the task is completed. 

Link Accounts

Clicking on the Link Accounts wizard item on the Dashboard will bring you to the Manage Account Page. This is where you can link the expense categories found in Innovo Xpense to the accounts found in your accounting system. 

Here, you can also define the relevant bank account and expense liability accounts. 

This setup will drive the expense bookings generated out of Innovo Xpense. 

For more detailed information on linking of expense categories and account configuration that corresponds to your requirements, you can refer to the following documents:

Setting up Xero Integration
• Setting up QuickBooks Integration
• Setting up Innovo Xpense for Standalone Usage
• Setting up MYOB Configuration

Once you link the expense categories and account configurations, you have completed the setup process and you are now ready to use Innovo Xpense. 

After completing all the steps, the wizard will no longer be visible in the dashboard.

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