To manage your Innovo Xpense subscription, go to the Admin Console menu and click on Account, which will bring up the Account page. 

The account page has five tabs namely Overview, Integration, Payment Method, Account Details and Change Password. 


The Overview tab provides a quick overview of the subscription highlighting the subscription plan, number of active users, monthly charges, and the next billing date.

Also available within this tab is the Cancel My Subscription button. Should you wish to cancel the subscription, clicking this button will terminate the Innovo Xpense subscription as of the next billing date.   


The Integration tab will show the current integration for the subscription. 

More details on how to setup the integration for a subscription can be found in the following articles:

Connecting to QuickBooks
•Connecting to Xero
•Connecting to MYOB

Setting Up Innovo Xpense for Standalone Usage

If there is a need to remove the current integration, click on the Remove Integration button available in the tab. Note that the Remove Integration button will only be available after an integration has be selected.

Payment Method

The Payment Method tab will display the history of all invoices and provide the functionality to make changes to the payment method by updating information relating to the credit card used for payment.

Innovo42 will send an invoice via email each time the subscription fee is debited. The invoices are itemized and show the number of users subscribed for the given period. 

Invoices can also be downloaded from the Payment Methods tab by clicking on the PDF file logo anytime.

To make a change to the card being used for payment, click on the Change Payment Method link at the bottom of the page. 

This will expand the page to reveal a section where the details of the new card to be used can be inputted. 

Clicking on the Change Credit Card button after providing the information will update the system and the new card will be used in the future.

Account Details

In the Account Details tab you can manage the company profile information.

Change Password

Changing your password can be done in the Change Password tab.

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