From providing an overview of activities to user and account management functions and reporting capabilities, the administration console is a one-stop location for all administrative tasks. 

The following are the menu items through which administrators can access multiple functions to manage various facets of the Innovo Xpense application: 


The dashboard provides an overview of pending activities and active users. 

Management Actions

Under Management Actions are functions to Manage Users, Manage Accounts, Manage Transactions, Manage Approvals and Advanced Settings.

All user management functions are located in the Manage Users menu item. Here, new users can be added either manually or via the import function. Also, users can be activated or deactivated, and granted access rights

All actions pertaining to account management can be found in the menu item Manage Accounts

Here, an account's general setting can be configured, balance sheet and liability accounts can be set and the expense categories and accounts can be linked and unlinked. This can be carried out for accounts integrated to QuickBooks, Xero, MYOB and those with no integration.

The functions found in Manage Transactions menu item allows administrators to have an overview of transactions in different statuses and carry out management actions on transactions. 

Transactions are grouped into four status sections:

Pending Submission: The pending submission section displays transactions that have been submitted by employees and are being processed by Innovo Xpense.

Pending Approval: In this section, a list of transactions pending the approval of managers, will be listed.

Pending Booking: If the verify transaction setting is selected in the Manage Accounts section, then all claims transactions captured will be stopped in this section awaiting verification before being sent on to the accounting system to be booked.

Pending Reimbursement: This section lists cash transactions that are pending reimbursement to employees, awaiting processing.

The Manage Approval menu item provides the administrator with the ability to set up approval hierarchies as required by the company.

The Advanced Settings menu item enables administrators to add custom expense categories as required by their organisation.


The Accounts menu item gives administrators access to manage their organisation's Innovo Xpense subscription. 

There are five sections that provide various options to manage the subscription:

Overview: The overview provides information on the subscription status. The cancel subscription button can also be found here and can be used to terminate the subscription. 

Integration: This section provides the function to manage your integration options to the back-end accounting systems. 

Payment Method: In this section, credit card details for the subscription can be maintained.

Account Details: Here, the details of the company profile can be managed.

Change Password: This section allows the password management.


The reporting functionality facilitates the running of company level expense reports. Reports can either be viewed online or downloaded as PDF reports.

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