Innovo Xpense has an embedded approval workflow that allows managers to approve claims from wherever they are either via the mobile or web app. 

Setting up and managing approval hierarchies will associate managers to employees and facilitate the claims approval process.

To setup approval hierarchies, in the Admin Console menu, click on Management Actions which will reveal a list on management actions that you can carry out.

Click on the Manage Approvals menu item and this will bring you to the Manage Approver Hierarchy page.

In the Manage Approver Hierarchy page, administrators can associate employees to managers for the approval of expenses. 

One employee can be associated with multiple approvers. At the point of expense submission, an employee with multiple approving managers will have a choice of which manager should approve the claim. 

To associate an employee with a manager, under the Add Approval Hierarchy section, select a user and select a corresponding approver. After that, click on the Associate button.

To remove an employee and manager association, select the appropriate entry and click the Remove button.

For a user to appear in the Select Approver list, the user must be enabled as an approver which can be configured via the Manage Users menu. 

For more information, please refer to the article Defining User Access Rights.

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